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Plant Protein & Disruptive Diagnostics: 

The Transformational Food Journey for Today's Future

Disruptive innovation for disrupted consumers, accelerated population growth, climate change, ecosystem degradation, energy- water- and land scarity are making today's food production increasingly unsustainable. Plant protein is one of the options going forward to build solid nutritional food solutions.

There is a socio-demographic evolution ongoing of the family structure, higher education for women and most importantly the onslaught of diet-related diseases. The food landscape will substantially change and for the legacy food companies a fundamental shift is needed to survive in an effort to stop consumers from walking away from the most iconic food brands. Henk Hoogenkamp describes these many inter-connected variables in a charismatic fashion showing his lifelong true passion to make food healthier and more affordable.


RiceBran Technologies Appoints Henk Hoogenkamp to Board of Directors

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